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As experts in the field, we want to share our knowledge and expertise with the world through our blogs. In these posts, expect to see that we are more than a group of software developers. We have the relevant subject matter expertise in the realm of project, program, and portfolio management and product development.

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Key Chrono Take-Aways!

Ask yourself “Do I really know the likelihood (or percent confidence) of meeting my project schedule commitment(s)?”   If your project is relatively complex, with

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Why Are Schedules Always Wrong?

A client reviewing the history of a troubled technology project portfolio asked, “Why are schedules always wrong?  What challenges emerge between planning and implementation?”  While

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Humans are constantly estimating.  We predict the future more than any other species.  We estimate where our foot will land with our next step.  We

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Why Chrono?

I recently received the following question about Chrono™, the new Project/Program/Portfolio Management tool released by my company, RTConfidence: “What are the benefits of this tool

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Level-up Microsoft Project!

If you, your employees, or your suppliers are using Microsoft Project and use another program or application to run SRA (Schedule Risk Analysis) Monte Carlo

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Asking the right questions.

I do not believe that good PMs should know everything.  They should be experts in leading projects, and may also be experts in certain technical

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Priorities must be well understood.

Project plans should accurately comprehend project priorities, and these priorities should be central to any re-planning activities necessary after the project is kicked off.  The

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