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Level-up Microsoft Project!

If you, your employees, or your suppliers are using Microsoft Project and use another program or application to run SRA (Schedule Risk Analysis) Monte Carlo simulations, you should down-load and try the Chrono™ add-in – a revolutionary offering from RTConfidence.com.  You will not regret it – it is not only easier to use than any other system, but also less costly and faster, and its outputs are second-to-none.  It provides valuable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and trend data – e.g., ESM (Earned Schedule Management) metrics that are automatically calculated – and are arguably the best alternative to EVM (Earned Value Management) metrics for schedule performance assessments.


If you, your employees, or suppliers currently use Microsoft Project and have never used an SRA simulation, you are missing out on the use of a “Best Practice” that is no longer too difficult, expensive, or time-consuming to employ.  Download the free trial of Chrono™ from RTConfidence.com and see for yourself.


For those of you who have Microsoft Project for simply reviewing IMSs (Integrated Master Schedules) created by someone else, you don’t need it anymore for reviewing schedules created and updated using Microsoft Project with the Chrono™ add-in.  Secure outputs (with Gantt charts) are available for license-holder-approved others to view.


Chrono™ has 11 wizards (embedded Expert Systems) that, among other things, ensures all IMSs are “valid”.  You automatically get a scorecard on how your IMS compares relative to the DoD’s (Department of Defense’s) DCMA (Defense Contractor Management Agency) 14-Point Metrics.


I am the architect of Chrono™, and I stake my reputation on it.  I used the very first IMS and SRA programs on the market – we called the use of SRA “probabilistic scheduling”.  I taught my team members how to productively use EVM on all Aerospace and Defense programs requiring it.  My book on Risk Management is a PMI Best-Seller.  I teach Strategic Project Management in a MS in EM (Engineering Management) curriculum which focusses on best practices for Portfolio, Program and Project Management.  Chrono™ is the tool I’ve always wanted – it was created by a user for the users.  It enables everybody to be successful – from the project/program contributors to the executives.


If you are skeptical, try out the Free Chrono™ Trial for a month before deciding to purchase a very affordable license.  And, for grins, take the 10 question IMS quiz challenge on the RTConfidence.com home page to test your knowledge.  Nobody has gotten all the answers right yet – let me know if you do.

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