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This RTConfidence Learning Center is basically where FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) can be answered. The below choices are specific to Chrono™ IMS (Integrated Master Schedule) inquiries. Please click on the topic of interest.

100Q™ Project Management Assessment Instrument

RTConfidence has a survey instrument called 100Q™. Find out where you stand on best practices. How are your teams performing? What is working well? What could improve?


Our Project Scientist, Michael M. Bissonette, created this tool to help transform several companies. It is part of his book “Project Risk Management: A Practical Implementation Approach”. The Project Management Institute (PMI®) published this book in 2016.


Mike often heard, “Surveys do not work”. RTConfidence challenges convention and developed a survey that does work. Executives, Managers, PMs and Project Teams are now empowered to “Solve the Impossible.”


Check out our attached “100Q™ Instrument” case study to see for yourself.


Select the “Request a 100Q™” button to get access to a free survey.


RTConfidence provides every enterprise with a leveled-up arsenal to achieve epic business results.


Mike will help your organization identify areas of improvement to boost your competitive position.

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