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RTConfidence exists so every enterprise can achieve EPIC business results. We provide gamechanging solutions that obsolete complex, expensive methods. Organizations are no longer handicapped by traditional Project Management tools and techniques.

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One of our subject matter experts wrote “the book” on our game-changing solution. The Project Management Institute (PMI®) published this book. Our project scientists understand how to make your projects successful. They have a proven track record of on-time, on-budget, and maximized ROI results.
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Our Customer Endorsements

“As a result of using Chrono™ to create a project integrated master schedule with schedule risk assessment for a major competitive proposal, we gained significant interest from our prospective new customer. The rigor that Chrono™ enables is a strategic competitive advantage which gave our
proposal credibility and ultimately led to a key contract award. Thanks, RTConfidence!”

Timothy Stewart
Director of Business Development in Aerospace and Defense

“Chrono ™ has had a significant impact for our consultants. It’s a total game-changer when we are presenting mission-critical project proposals. It provides confidence to our prospective clients that their projects will be executed on or ahead of schedule, on or ahead of budget projections. Our clients appreciate having the flexibility and insight the tool provides, empowering them to make decisions in real-time about financial outcomes for their highest impact initiatives. Thanks to Chrono™, our clients live in a perpetual cycle of profitability.”

Donna L.K. Chiacchia 
CEO, Advantage Consulting, LLC

“Chrono™ enables our key stakeholders to visualize risks and make appropriate financial decisions to reduce project risks and seize on the best opportunities to ensure our projects success.”

Scott Mosher 
Global Project Manager

“I love using Chrono™ for schedule risk analysis.  Check out the trial version!” 

Abi McFiggins 
Hardware Engineering Manager

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