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The Path to 2-Dimensional Math

If you are accustomed to pressing the Simulation button and waiting for minutes or hours for your results, wait no longer; RTConfidence, Inc. has you covered. TriCoBi™ is the 2-dimensional math engine that solves this problem. This innovative invention is the fastest Monte Carlo simulation method known to exist.
In addition, TriCoBi™ is used to power our game-changer Microsoft Project add-in, Chrono™.

The TriCoBi™ Difference

Question from Michael M. Bissonette: do you run “Brute Force” Monte Carlo simulations that take more than just a few
seconds to execute? I have in the past (e.g., ran some overnight and others for hours when performing Schedule Risk
Analyses), and had to determine other things to do while I waited, for it took so long. I eventually decided to get
another computer to work on other tasks while I waited. The worst part was determining that I had to make changes
and re-run – and usually that was only the first simulation re-run of many. If I knew of a better option, I would have
jumped on it immediately! Well, there is a better option now, and it is called the TriCoBi Method.

The TriCoBi™ Method is inherently fast and accurate – and not only enables rapid SRA (Schedule Risk Analysis)
Modelling & Simulation, but virtually any Simulation where manipulation of Probability Distribution data is involved.

Here is a comparison of TriCoBi™ method results using the Chrono™ SRA tool, and another common Tool.


Compare for Yourself

RTConfidence, Inc. is so convinced that the TriCoBi™ Method has no equal, that we are currently offering free limited time trials of Chrono™ for people to generate SRA results and compare them – or just try the Chrono™ application out to see what you think. What does that hurt? 

Please note that Chrono™ is an add-in to Microsoft Project, so please review the Configuration requirements first.