RTConfidence, Inc.

Why Chrono?

I recently received the following question about Chrono™, the new Project/Program/Portfolio Management tool released by my company, RTConfidence: “What are the benefits of this tool and why is it different from its competitors?” Here was my reply:   “Most significantly, this tool solves some major problems in the Project/Program/Portfolio Management space. Today, the best tools… Continue reading Why Chrono?

Level-up Microsoft Project!

If you, your employees, or your suppliers are using Microsoft Project and use another program or application to run SRA (Schedule Risk Analysis) Monte Carlo simulations, you should down-load and try the Chrono™ add-in – a revolutionary offering from RTConfidence.com.  You will not regret it – it is not only easier to use than any… Continue reading Level-up Microsoft Project!

“Solving the Impossible” – Find out how!

Going back about thirty years when I was a relatively new Program Manager, I was given an interesting proposition by my manager – “We want you to take on a new project that the executive team knows will be impossible to execute successfully, but it is strategically important, and we would like you to run… Continue reading “Solving the Impossible” – Find out how!

The things I could do if my SRA Monte Carlo Simulation was faster!

What would I (or you) be able to do if the IMS (Integrated Master Schedule) SRA (Schedule Risk Analysis) Model was always set up properly and the Monte Carlo Simulation only took a few seconds to both compute results and provide all the graphic outputs (e.g., the Probability Distribution charts for every task and milestone,… Continue reading The things I could do if my SRA Monte Carlo Simulation was faster!