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The Chrono™ Solution – Simple & Effective!

Question: Is your organization interested in becoming more capable and competitive in launching products?

Answer: If so, then you need our well-designed Chrono™ application. 

Information technology has been advancing, but basic project management tools remain expensive and difficult to use – that’s why organizations augment them with costly support staff – and that still may not solve issues relative to the project plan validity. These tools include IMS (Integrated Master Schedule), SRA (Schedule Risk Analysis), and EVM (Earned Value Management) – recognized as “best practices” for managing complex projects. Fortunately, the Microsoft Project add-in Chrono™ solves these problems by making advanced project planning and updating simple and cost-effective. It utilizes “software wizards” and seamlessly turns Microsoft Project into an incredibly user-friendly tool with “Leveled-up” capabilities. Here are the reasons:


Enables development of sound project IMSs (Integrated Project Schedules), that are “wizard-validated” and consistent with the DCMA 14-Point Metrics

Provides sensible and effective project SRA (Schedule Risk Analysis) – “wizard-powered” and lightning-fast due to our patent-pending TriCoBi™ method
Provides automated project ES (Earned Schedule) process set-up, updating, and metrics – SPIs (Schedule Performance Indices), and schedule projections

Offers valuable features – KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), trend data, Tornado Charts, and more – that enable cohesive integration of IMS, SRA, and ES data

Designed by the Users for the Users

Chrono™ was developed by expert practitioners in the field of project, program, and portfolio management. They have used IMS, SRA, and EVM tools and have consistent track records of success. This includes individuals from every level of management within diverse industries and highly innovative SaaS product developers.

Game-Changer Development That Can Help Your Project Succeed

Learn how this simple, sensible, and practical add-in changes the way you manage product development activities. Below are some of the Chrono™ SRA and ES graphics:
Graph Chrono
Chrono SRA graphics ES