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The Importance of Quality to project risk management.

Organizational Quality Systems cover many aspects of compliance.  Many industries have established standards, and most companies establish their own internal standards as well.  From a project life cycle standpoint, product quality includes meeting technical performance requirements and specifications, some of which are directed by industry compliance codes.  Project teams are basically commissioned to establish objective criteria (via tests, analyses, demonstrations, documentation, etc.) to validate and qualify the end product and ensure consistent and predictable production and/or deployment.  Pro-active product development processes which accelerate testing to find issues early in the project life cycle can enable the organization to meet its goal to “do more with less.”  These actions effectively reduce risks earlier, and organizations which conduct similar development projects in succession have very good opportunities to continually refine their processes through postmortem analyses and expedient implementation of systemic corrective actions.  My book “Project Risk Management: A Practical Implementation Approach” identifies other pro-active tools and techniques which most organizations can and should consider utilizing to improve product quality and “do more with less” on a continuous basis.