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Enable Success in Your Projects by Embracing Project Risk Management!

Participants in this session will learn how to identify, assess, and manage individual (i.e., task-level) and overall project risks then determine overall project risks. We will review relevant Tools & Techniques and provide examples of exercises.

The primary learning objectives are:

  1. Knowing how to properly Plan, Identity, Assess, Respond, and Control individual task risks
  2. Being able to apply standard Risk Management tools – Risk Registers, Matrices, and Burn-down charts
  3. Gaining insight into the inherent connection between Project Risks and “The Cost of Change.”
  4. Understanding the processes for determining Overall Project Risk from task-level risks
  5. Acquiring an appreciation for the value of overall project risk assessments
  6. Understanding how modelling and simulation can improve project success
  7. Developing insights and expertise for effectively balancing and rebalancing project plans in accordance with risk tolerance guidelines.

Speaker Bio(s)

Michael Bissonette, MS, MBA, PfMP, Founder and Chief Product Officer at RTConfidence, Inc.

Michael M. Bissonette (MS, MBA, PfMP) is a successful engineer-turned-businessman and is considered both a thought-leader and subject matter expert in Portfolio, Program, and Project Management within several diverse industries. His work experience spans over 40 years of product development and organizational management, including executive positions in large Fortune 500 companies.

He is the author of two books. The first is titled: Project Risk Management: A Practical Implementation Approach, a best-seller published by the Project Management Institute, Inc., in 2016; and a second book published in 2021 – titled Achieving Epic Business Results with Strategic Project Management.

Mike is an instructor in the MS-EM curriculum at Clarkson University. He is a co-founder of RTConfidence, Inc. – a SaaS [Software as a Services] company, the company is focused on developing the most advanced and affordable integrated IMS (Integrated Master Schedule), SRA (Schedule Risk Analysis), ESM (Earned Schedule Management) and PLM (Project Lifecycle Management) SaaS Tools on the market. He has been a guest speaker at many events and has been an integral part of global training at all the companies he has worked for. Additionally, Mike was also recently voted onto the PMI-OC Board of Governors.

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