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The Chrono™ Integrated Master Schedule Tool

“Integrated Master Schedule (IMS). A computer-generated schedule that links critical interrelated project tasks and activities, contains resources requirements, and allows different levels of roll-up capability for the determination of timelines that can be status-updated, adjusted, automatically recalculated, baselined and resource loaded.”
Project Risk Management: A Practical Implementation Approach ©2016, Project Management Institute, Inc., Michael M. Bissonette, pg. 253.

Enabling Several New Functions to Be Performed on Microsoft Project® Data

Microsoft Project® is common IMS (Integrated Master Schedule) tool that is available for personal and organizational computer installation
and usage. Our add-in program, Chrono™, launches Microsoft Project® and equips it with supplemental capabilities via an additional tab selection, the Chrono™ tab. This “levels up” the functions that can be performed on Microsoft Project® data. And the way it is designed, users can perform most IMS operations without leaving the Chrono™ tab at all. In aggregate, its functions enable:

1. Creation of “Sound” IMS structures that adhere to a set of rigorous IMS guidelines consistent with DCMA 14-point metrics and support subsequent SRA  and ES management. Details include:

  • Development of the IMS
  • Validation of the IMS Structure
  • Baselining and Re-Baselining of the IMS
  • Project Progress Updates (post-Baselining) of the IMS

2. An IMS that is readily supportive of:

  • Schedule Risk Analysis (SRA)
  • Automatic Generation of Earned Schedule (ES) Metrics
  • Generation of both “Target” and “Commit” Gantt Charts

3. Selection of IMS and SRA governance defaults:

  • Predecessor/Successor Task Relationship Preferences
  • 3-Point Task Duration Distributions
  • SRA Red, Yellow and Green Zones (and Titles)

4. Selection of different project Gantt charts based on % confidence in meeting risk-adjusted dates. See below Examples.

Initial Chrono™ Validated IMS

Initial Chrono™ Validated IMS 1

Nominal Durations (Target) IMS - Baselined and Updated

Nominal Durations (Target) IMS - Baselined and Updated

Commit Confidence (Commitment) IMS - Baselined and Updated

Commit Confidence (Commitment) IMS - Baselined and Updated

Key Features of Chrono™ That No Other IMS Tool Provides

Two IMS Gantt charts are established by Chrono™.
1. The usual single point estimate, or critical path schedule, is referred to as the “Nominal” confidence IMS. This IMS typically has a low % Confidence on complex projects and is ideal for being used as the team’s “target” schedule.

2. The “Commitment” confidence IMS is typically set at the “acceptable” % Confidence (or “Goal” confidence) that the organization establishes. It is the risk-adjusted IMS established with help from the SRA tool.

IMS “baselining” and “progress updating” / “tracking” for both the “Nominal” and “Commitment” IMS Gantts. The Chrono™ wizards, in conjunction with cloud processing and displaying of output data in the user’s web browser, team up to provide a set of data that is second to no other tool.

Chrono’s™ Output Viewer has the ability to view each of the Gantt chart detail. Large, involved Gantt charts are difficult to view without having the application tool (e.g., MS Project) to do so.

Assessing Chrono™ IMS and DCMA 14-Point Metrics

The Chrono™ IMS Validation Wizard has Some Relaxed Guidelines, and Provides DCMA 14-Point Metrics Report
Chrono IMS web

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