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Integrated Master Schedule

Integrated Master Schedule (IMS). A computer-generated schedule that links critical interrelated project tasks and activities, contains resources requirements, and allows different levels of roll-up capability for the determination of timelines that can be status-updated, adjusted, automatically recalculated, baselined and resource loaded.”

Project Risk Management: A Practical Implementation Approach
©2016, Project Management Institute, Inc., Michael M. Bissonette, pg. 253.

Chrono™ enables several new functions to be performed
on Microsoft Project data.

Integrated Master Schedule

In aggregate, the Chrono™ tab functions enable:

  • “Sound” IMS structures which adhere to a set of rigorous IMS guidelines consistent with DCMA 14-Point Metrics and support subsequent SRA (Schedule Risk Analysis) and ES (Earned Schedule) management. This includes:
    • Development of the IMS
    • Validation of the IMS Structure
    • Baselining and Re-baselining of the IMS
    • Status Updates to the IMS
  • Set-up and execution of Schedule Risk Analysis
  • Collection of data per Earned Schedule reporting requirements
  • Selection of Governance defaults:
    • Predecessor/Successor task relationship preferences
    • SRA-related
  • Selection of Different Project Gantt Chart Views

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