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Project Planning & Scheduling Made Easy


Become a PM SuperStar with Chrono™!

Chrono™ is a Microsoft Project Add-in that makes Integrated Master Scheduling a snap, and automatically enables your Project Schedule to seamlessly integrate with the most user-friendly SRA (Schedule Risk Analysis) and ES (Earned Schedule) embedded Tools ever. ES is a form of EVM (Earned Value Management). These Tools are considered “Best Practices” for managing Complex Projects.

In the simplest terms, Chrono™ is a new Tab on the Microsoft Project Tool-Bar designed to provide all the features you need without going to another Tab or using another App – making the Development and Updating of your IMS (Integrated Master Schedule) noticeably easier via its Software Wizards. By using this Tool, you and your Team Members will become PM Superstars, and your Projects will have the greatest chance of succeeding.

Here’s a Graphic Overview:

Chrono™ Graphic Overview

The key to Chrono’s ease of use is its Software Wizards – which are designed to make the Complex Simple. These Wizards help you construct and update Project Plans, as well as perform continuous quality checks to Validate that the information entered is sound.

Why is this important? Because Microsoft Project allows you to construct any kind of schedule regardless of whether it is sensible or not. Sound schedules make sense both structurally and logically. They also readily facilitate use of SRA and EVM Tools.

If you have previously used these tools, then you will be amazed at how easy Chrono™ helps you perform these functions.
If you have never used these tools, then you will be introduced to “Best Practices” that have never been made this easy to employ – and you will be exposed to a process that can make you and your Team Members PM SuperStars.

The RTConfidence Chrono™ application utilizes a “Software Wizard” called the “Chrono™ Wizard”,
and seamlessly adapts Microsoft Project into
an incredibly User-Friendly Tool that will make you a PM SuperStar by:

  • enabling development of “Sound” Project Integrated Master Schedules – which are Wizard-Validated and consistent with the DCMA 14-Point Metric guidelines;
  • providing embedded Project Schedule Risk AnalysisWizard-Powered and Lightning-Fast due to the patent pending “TriCoBi™ Method”;
  • providing seamless Project “Earned Schedule” Implementation via Innovative Project Status Updating – again, Powered by the Chrono™ Wizard; and
  • offering several additional Innovative Features (e.g. Commitment and Target Schedules) enabled by Integrating IMS, SRA, and ES methodologies in one Tool.

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