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At RTConfidence, Inc., our founders have successfully created and led high-performance teams, have specialized expertise (PM, Agile, Systems), have many years of direct experience (PM, Manager, Executive), and have combined forces.

We know how to Develop Products and Services successfully. Have Intellectual Property that no one else offers. Can make the Complex Simple. And know what is needed to Make Most Organizations Successful.

Good Predictable Project Performance will lead to

  • Successful Business
  • Happier Customers
  • Improved Competitive Position
  • Thriving Workforce
  • Bigger Bonuses

Tom Cocotis

Founder & CEO
  • Our Mission

    To help executives understand risks better (Overall %Confidence) by providing good information dashboards that are current, accurate, and complete

  • Our Vision

    To do more with less

    To be both “lean” and “high performing”

  • Our Value

    To provide good predictable project performance